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To be a trusted centre of academic excellence geared towards provision of quality education, knowledge and life skills focused on positive life transformation.


To provide education through enhanced content coverage, effective service delivery, guidance and counseling, provision of quality materials and conducive learning environment.


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3. Accountability
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The Royal Community Secondary School is a Community Based Organization majoring in formal education, with regular Kenyan curriculum covering the current Syllabus at secondary level. It is located in Chokaa, a developing estate at the outskirts of Nairobi city, off Kagundo road, before the Southern-Eastern bypass connecting JKIA to Thika Super-highway. It’s a newly estate being inhabited by middle and low- class population. The school is objectively aimed at empowering students academically, reduce poverty level and ensure that the school going age access basic and quality education.


School Summary

Registered on 8th, February, 2017; under The Ministry of East African Community, Labour and Social Protection; Registration No: NJI/CBO/02/2017/152 The Royal Secondary School was born on 2nd, May, 2016( 2nd term) with one form 3 student. The school offers secondary syllabus coverage and embraces the enrollment of young adults who still have a thirst for education, and due to one or two reason(s) never got the chance to have the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education,(KCSE), many of whom have been identified among the environs. The school is aimed at improving the education of less privileged students in Chokaa estate. The school targets the populace of the low-income earners of the informal settlement of Chokaa, as well as improving the literacy of the middle class population, whom for one reason or the other, never got the opportunity to go through secondary education With a population of over 159 students, the school has 57 total orphans, 26 half-orphans and 17 students with minor disabilities. The school is developing at an alarming rate but this is inversely proportional to the income/fees the institution receives. The Royal Community Secondary School has recorded a massive enrolment this term and its already pressing on its capacity and need aids from well-wishers to help in assisting these innocent and academic-thirsty students. The Royal Community Secondary School is rooted on the foundation of education empowerment and on the principle of giving back to the society.


ERM 2-2016 Form 1 Form 2 Form 3 TOTALS GIRLS 7 6 6 19 BOYS 9 12 16 37 TOTAL 18 18 22 56


TERM 3-2016 Form 1 Form 2 Form 3 TOTALS GIRLS 12 10 12 34 BOYS 15 14 16 45 TOTAL 27 24 28 79


LTERM 1-2017 Form 1 Form 2 Form 3 Form 4 TOTALS GIRLS 26 16 19 13 77 BOYS 23 18 21 20 82 TOTAL 49 34 43 33 159


Majority of the students from this target area go far in search of affordable schools and most of them jump into moving-lorries ferrying sand as a means of transport. This equally endangers their lives due to its hazardous nature. Coupled with the absence of proper secondary facilities to offer quality education in this competitive world, we’re focused to bridge this gap and ensure the solutions to these challenges among others identified, are far reached. The school is expecting a rapid expansion due to its strategic location, quality education offered and good discipline displayed by our students; the factors which have given the school a very good reputation in the annals of Chokaa-Estate. In connection to that, the school lacks important facilities such as furniture (chairs, cabinets and tables for the office and students’ chairs), well stocked library, well equipped laboratory, computers and computer laboratory, teachers’ remuneration and proper kitchen. We call upon you and appreciate every bit of assistance that you are willing to offer.


The Royal School

Upcoming Projects

Due to the high poverty index and lack of formal employment, the CBO is destined to involve in the following projects in order of priority to engage the members and the general public.

Modern Library

A Modern Full Fledged Library

ICT Center

A computer Lab


A place orphans can call home


Maurice Ochuodho


Dickens Odhiambo

Co-Director/Principal Mathematics, Physics and Business

Joel Arogo

Kiswahili Fasihi& Business Studies

Faith Macharia

Christian Religious Education and English

Duncan Odeyo

(English Literature and Christian Religious Education

Palmina Omina

History and Christian Religious Education

Peter Deyah

Kiswahi& Mathematics

Peter Ogutu

Senior Teacher(English & History) History),

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